absence of Linux supporting software

the main drawback of Crossclave is the absence of Linux support. I can’t use your software at all.


Thank you for posting this feedback! We’re using this data to help guide us with development priority, so this is extremely important. We’ve received an overwhelming amount of requests for a Linux build. It’s easily one of our top 3 requests. Maybe we can do a special beta for community members who express interest? :crossed_fingers:

Thank you for the feedback and support!

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Yes, Linux support is very important for me too. Currently testing on Win VM, but active usage is on Linux.

As a long-term user of the linux version of SpiderOak One I didn’t even bother to check for a Linux version before signing up for Clave. Unfortunately it is not there as I expected it…
Shortly tried with Wine, but that didn’t work either.
Now my evaluation is restricted to my mobile phone…

I am also eagerly awaiting the upcoming linux client of crossclave and - as the other users here - experienced former spideroak softwares as stable and very helpful. So, I want to come back to your idea, Kelly, to possibly found a

If this can help to accelerate the development I will join :slight_smile: .

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The more demand for a feature the higher chance of it being streamlined! :+1:

As a SpiderOak Backup user since 2011 and suposedly 19 devices, I too was surprised that there is no Linux app. While I have my wife’s laptop connected, it is my only Windows device.
Please include me in a Beta: I have 30 different Linux distros booting on the 3 hard drives on this computer.
I believe I could be an effective tester.

Welcome aboard, Lawrence! We hope to have some good news for you all, very soon!

Hey everyone! Per your #1 community request, we’re happy to announce that our Alpha Linux build of CrossClave is now available! Per our Release Notes page:

“Finally, today we are thrilled to answer our #1 feature request: the alpha version of CrossClave on Linux is now available! Linux support has always been part of our roadmap and we’re thrilled that we now have an early version for you to use. Please note that this version only has a .deb installer and may not work on all distros or with all DEs. We look forward to your feedback and help as we improve CrossClave on Linux. (We’re releasing v.4 for Linux while other OSes will be on v.5. We’ll correct this soon when we’ve quashed a bug we just found.)”

You may download it from our downloads page here: SpiderOak Downloads

For bug reporting or support, please reach out to our support team @ support@spideroak.com.

Already installed it. Luckily was it smooth to get an rpm out of the deb with alien. Now starting to play with CrossClave for real.


That is great to hear! Can’t wait to hear how everything is running on your system!

Found out today that there is a new Version available (7.0.0). Installation went smooth again (after converting the package with alien).
First thing I tried again was the experimental video call ( Linux <-> Android ).
That posts quite some interesting messages in the chat, but after signalling the wish to connect (and picking up) the call itself is never established.
Is there a place to get a bit more technical details on that?

I’m on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with GLIBC 2.27. CrossClave seems to require 2.28. I’m hoping there are many others like me who stick to LTSs, so please consider releasing a version for 18.04 and 20.04 instead of (or in addition to) 21.04, or a static build. Thanks!

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Hello Reinar!

I apologize for the delay in getting back to you! Adding the experimental video chat was really a test to see if it was possible. In its current form, connections typically take a long time (over a minute). Additionally, connections may enter a limbo state where they neither connect nor fail. Currently, we’re working to remove that experimental tag and stabilize this feature. I hope to have more information for that soon!

Nice! Thanks for the hint about alien

I second that. In enterprises, support/compatibility for LTSs ist a must-have, I assume.