Alpha version of CrossClave on Linux is now available!

Hey everyone! We’re happy to announce that our Alpha Linux build of CrossClave is now available! Per our Release Notes page:

“Finally, today we are thrilled to answer our #1 feature request: the alpha version of CrossClave on Linux is now available! Linux support has always been part of our roadmap and we’re thrilled that we now have an early version for you to use. Please note that this version only has a .deb installer and may not work on all distros or with all DEs. We look forward to your feedback and help as we improve CrossClave on Linux. (We’re releasing v.4 for Linux while other OSes will be on v.5. We’ll correct this soon when we’ve quashed a bug we just found.)”

You may download it from our downloads page here: SpiderOak Downloads

As usual, for bug reporting or support please reach out to the support team @