CrossClave ARM build

Betcha there won’t ever be an ARM build.

It’ll be for the BIG X86 platforms: Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, SuSE, and the like.

Those of us who use ArchLinux/Manjaro ARM (read: Raspberry Pi) will yet again be left out in the cold.

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Hello and welcome! Thanks for posting your feedback. An ARM build would be awesome, especially for running the services locally. :slight_smile: CrossClave was built-on an updated platform that should make this a reality. I’ve added demand to our internal ticket tracking this request. I hope we can offer something for ARM (specifically Raspberry Pi) users!

Great feedback!

Edit: I edited your post’s location to be included in our Feature Request section.


Please consider Linux-based smartphones like the Pin64 and Librem 5 also :slight_smile:

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Noted! :slight_smile: