CrossClave v.14

14.0 is the version you really want!

It’s been said that good things come to those that wait. Many of you have been waiting for the features in this release and we’re so happy that today your patience will be rewarded. This is a release we’ve been working on for most of 2021 (and in the case of the platform features that make this release possible, even longer). Today CrossClave get a fully revamped way to interact with files that we call the “New File Experience.”

The New File Experience has features that you’ve requested for quite some time. Top of the list is subfolders! You’ll now be able to create as many nested folders as you would like. Or as our CEO Dave said, “I’m going to subfolder all the things.” Go ahead, subfolder all the things. CrossClave can take it.

The next aspect of the New File Experience that you’ll notice right away on desktop is a much improved workflow for uploading new versions. After opening a file from CrossClave, you’ll receive a notification each time you save the file asking if you want to add that version to CrossClave. No need to switch apps, interrupt the flow of your work, or your train of thought. Simply click the button on the notification and carry on with your work. Each new version will be added to CrossClave and you can view it at any time in the File Details.

Working collaboratively on files also has some great new features. When you open a file from CrossClave you’ll see the file get assigned a color. If two people are working on a file at the same time, those files have different colors assigned. No matter how many copies of the file are being simultaneously edited, no one will ever lose work. Each version is saved in the File Details and multiple versions can be opened concurrently to compare differences and merge changes.

As always, a slew of bugs have been squished and quirks ironed out. If you haven’t checked out the new onboarding experience that we released in version 13, be sure to add someone new to your team and check out how easy the process is now.

We hope you’ll enjoy using CrossClave 14 as much as we enjoyed making it.

We love to hear how you are using CrossClave and how we can improve. Let us know through our Help Center, Community Forum, or at

Download CrossClave 14, “Flower Crab Spider”

New Features

  • Revamped and redesigned user experience in CrossClave with regards to working with files and folders
    • Added support for folders/sub-folders
    • Now better supports working with multiple drafts for the same file
    • Added support to resolve conflicts on mobile
    • Added proper detection for changed files
    • Improved workflow experience to continuously edit files and commit changes

Bug fixes

  • Fixed “@” mentions using keyboard on mobile devices
  • Fixed validation for old style recovery keys, this would have only affected extremely old accounts
  • CrossClave now correctly allows for copying text from the team member invite screen
  • Fixed the footer location within onboarding
  • CrossClave now allows scrolling during onboarding on small screens
  • Fixed invite code validation words

I would very much like to get the preliminary rpm version of this release as well.
As alien is no longer really maintained, installing a .deb on an rpm based distro is getting increasingly difficult (and the rpm version of 9.0.0 was working well enough for me).