Files deleted, delete on spider oak

I recenlty deleted a lot of files (accidently) that were backed up in my SpiderOak one backup.
OneBackUp seemed to be immediately notified and prceeded to also delete them from my cloud storage.

Calm me strange, but isn’t this the purpose of having a backup, just in case you numpty and delete important files?

I logged into the web portal to see the files were also gone in there.

Fortunatly there is a “deleted” folder in in the app, but how long does that stay there for?

Why do the files delete from my backup?


cto, The behaviour you report is exactly how SpideroakOne has always worked.
The user interface is somewhat non-obvious, but you are protected.

The cloud backup does pretty well immediately reflect the state of the backup-up drive, and you do indeed need to access “deleted” content for the respective device to find folder and files that have been deleted.

A major difference between SpideroakOne and most competitors is that the “deleted” contents are never automatically purged - they stay forever until you manually purge them. Most other cloud backup products I’ve looked at automatically purge the deleted files, or past versions of modified files, after some period which is often as short as 30 days, which defeats the entire purpose.

Every one of these cloud backup products has some good points and some bad points. As long as you can find your way around the user interface, SpideroakOne keeps you about as well-protected as is possible in terms of being about to restore non-system files and folders.

PS I have no association with Spideroak other than being a user of SpideroakOne backup for about a decade.