Inadequate support information

While there is plenty of help for setup, it seems to me that there is far too little information to get new users started in everyday use. We aren’t familiar with the interface - may never have used anything remotly like it - and the interface is pretty minimal. At any rate, not everyone approaches it with the same set of assumptions. Like, okay, I see an upload button. But then what? No more clues. Right-clicking gives no info. Menus don’t have the options I’m trying to find. It can be discouraging, and instead of wasting a lot of time some may give up.

I worked out what I needed to know on my own, and will be using it, because it is pretty terrific.

I do wish there was more flexibility in the interface - the size of fonts and so on - lack of ability to upsize makes it difficult for anyone who is moderately visually impaired. This is always a serious usability issue!

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Thanks for the Feedback! We agree that it’s pretty daunting for a new user. We’re actually working on what we call the new file experience and hope to have it in either the next release (which may end up being internal) or the release after that.