Linux Desktop App or image

To have a Linux Desktop App or image.


Hey William! Welcome to the community! Linux support is our #1 requested item. We hope to have some news for you all in the upcoming weeks. :slight_smile:


Let me second that one!


What flavor of Linux is everyone using? :man_technologist: Ubuntu, Mint, CentOS, etc? I personally prefer using Ubuntu!

Hey everyone! Per your #1 community request, we’re happy to announce that our Alpha Linux build of CrossClave is now available! Per our Release Notes page:

“Finally, today we are thrilled to answer our #1 feature request: the alpha version of CrossClave on Linux is now available! Linux support has always been part of our roadmap and we’re thrilled that we now have an early version for you to use. Please note that this version only has a .deb installer and may not work on all distros or with all DEs. We look forward to your feedback and help as we improve CrossClave on Linux. (We’re releasing v.4 for Linux while other OSes will be on v.5. We’ll correct this soon when we’ve quashed a bug we just found.)”

You may download it from our downloads page here: SpiderOak Downloads

For bug reporting or support, please reach out to our support team @


Hi there,
Thanks for keeping Linux users in mind and working to have a version for our preferred OS. Given that you’re currently offering .deb format for distribution, I thought I’d mention the FlatPak format that is supported by most Linux distros. Apps like Telegram, Slack and Dropbox to name a few, come in FlatPak format to support as many distros as possible.

Thanks again,

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Hi Pat! Welcome aboard to the community! Absolutely, we’re always thinking of ways to expand accessibility. We had some internal discussions on formats that would allow broader deliverability. If FlatPak hasn’t been brought up yet, I’ll happily do so!



Running mostly (Open)Suse for more than 20 years now, I’d prefer RPM :wink: Still didn’t get used to Flatpak and the likes… but well, better than nothing.

a fedora install with a repo would be nice
don’t know if it would work with an Appimage but those are becoming my favorite way to run software like inkscape, scribus, arouino api, …

I would love to see CrossClave in the Debian repos, because I distrust outside software. That said, the current Linux download will not run on Debian. All that happens is an error message saying something went wrong. No real need to get it into the repos if it won’t run. I’m rather disappointed.

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+1 to that … and remember that there are Debian-based ARM64 devices out there, such as the Librem 5 smartphone :slight_smile:

Thank you for you suggestion, I have added to our feature request list.

Running on Ubuntu 20.04.

App works fine (thanks for that) but it’s unintuitive and quite confusing setting up team members.

Debian Mint is my main Linux machine although I also use Arch (previously Garuda but probably moving to BSD soon).

I had trouble getting the CC to work on Mint: it installed and loaded fine but the team file storage area only flashed and did not stay open enough to use it. I will try it on MacOS and WinOS before trying it on the Mint again.

Mine works well NP

Funtoo Linux is my disto of choice.

Yes, I agree with you. I’m openSUSE user and, as Fedora, uses RPM packages. I’m fan of AppImage format, cause is like a Windows portable application, but I’m afraid that AppImages can’t run as light services on systemd so, I expect SpiderOak don’t forget non-Debian linux users and publish a RPM CrossClave package.