Search in Chat within a Space

I’m not sure if it’s within Chat to be able to search on a word, or a string yet. I’d like to find that out in case I’m not looking in the right direction.
When it’s not an option, is it a future consideration?

I wonder what you mean by that?

I can see “Files Chat People” on the top of the Screen.
I don’t see a magnifying glass implying that I can “search” for a string of characters, or a word, within the chat dialogue.
That means if I would like to go back on the history of the chat stream, I need to know the day or period of time the dialogue occurred. Sometimes I can only remember the company name that I mentioned, and would like to put in the company name in a search option, and see all the times that string occurred.
I can search on a string within Evernote saved pdf files, and locate the string, and then tag the item so the dialogue becomes organized within the tag.

This is a feature that is planned, but has not yet been worked on.