Upload folders instead of individual files

I’d like to use this as a secure place to store and share client files, but I’m not sure this is the right solution. Also, uploading one document at a time is not a workable solution. Any chance you’ll add the capability to upload folders?

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I’m testing this for my org for similar reasons, and I have the same question. There’s no way I could upload our existing files one at a time (could anybody?) – but I can’t find a way to do this. Thanks for asking, hoping for an answer too :slight_smile:

Fingers crossed. I’m finding it very hard to have one solution for my client files and a separate solution for things like my company info. All the providers seem to want a monopoly on my machine (Google, Apple, DropBox, Microsoft) and the other providers like CrossClave don’t have the user-friendly features, like uploading folders or multiple documents. It’s frustrating.

Yes! This is currently being worked on and will be coming soon!

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